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AutoCoinPayments is a financial service that can help you if you hold cryptocurrency.
Our services allow you to either convert your crypto into fiat, or to spend your cryptocurrency on real-world items.
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AutoCoinPayments is a payment solution provider in the crypto industry...

What Can We Do For You?

AutoCoinPayments is a payment solutions provider. We can help you safely exchange your crypto back into fiat. Or, if you are looking to spend your cryptocurrency we can help process the transaction, taking the stress away, and mitigating the risks for both you and the seller.

Why Choose AutoCoinPayments?

What are the benefits of using our service?

AutoCoinPayments not only provides you with a solution to convert or spend your digital assets, but we also mitigate all of the risks.

We take away any stress or risks that you may incur due to the volatility and fluctuations of the crypto market. Regardless of the market fluctuations, our merchants will always get the full invoice payment from us.

All this and you get to spend your chosen crypto, be that Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins/tokens. Transactions are extremely fast thanks to the unique blockchain technology.


Gain access to the crypto market

AutoCoinPayments is a turnkey solution to the crypto market. We are leading the way in providing a service for newcomers to the crypto market who are looking to use their cryptocurrency.

We are empowering customers to convert or spend their digital assets.

Faster Payments

Spend money in real-time, make payments fast.

Cheaper Fees

As market leaders, we offer the lowest fees for crypto payments.

Pioneering Money

Your unique code allows you to keep your payments secure.

Easy and Simple

You could spend your crypto in 5 minutes.


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